Online casinos are today a most-sought-after alternative over their traditional counterparts. Players prefer it because online casinos do not have any specific time or place limitations. Players can get involved in an online casino whenever and from wherever they want. However, to have the ultimate gambling experience it is essential to opt for the legit and reliable online casino. 

The legality or illegality of online casinos is unclear in many jurisdictions

Some jurisdictions have diverse laws to supervise gambling sites located within their area. All such areas have regulatory bodies that issue licenses to gambling sites. For a gambling site to be able to operate seamlessly, it should have the required license. Many gambling sites choose their location depending on the laws of a certain jurisdiction. There are different rules for different games in various American states. For example, in the state of Oregon sports betting on football is illegal. 

After the 2006–07 National Football league games, sports betting on such games became illegal.

As per the Illegal Gambling Business Act (IGBA), every gambling business requires an assessment of where the gambling business takes place. It also warrants an assessment of those who conduct the gambling business. 

Gambling is legally authorized in the US. However, each state has its freedom to authorize or ban gambling. Only Nevada and Louisiana are two states where gambling is legal all over the state. Due to the way Bitcoin is dealt with in a casino, such casinos are banned in the US.

Slots are more popular than table games

Slots do not have human interaction, which is why it is not so popular. A player has a high chance of losing money in slots because it is tough to hit a jackpot. However, in a table game like blackjack, you can’t lose that much money because you can get a lucky hand sometimes. The house edge of baccarat is 1%. The casinos have not been able to change the strategy for the table games due to which the winning chances of players are high. However, the house edge with a slots game is high at 7-10%. For the game of craps, it is also better at 1.4% or even lower.

Online casinos have loyalty clubs too

Casinos have loyalty programs where players can get many benefits, they are eligible to get free spins. Every casino gives you 1 point for 1 every dollar of real money put by you in the game. You can also take payouts of your loyalty points. 

In some casinos, money invested in slot games gets you 100% loyalty points, but for other games, you get only 10% points for the bet money. The casinos have different loyalty levels, such as silver, ivory, and gold. You can get more loyalty points, for every dollar spent; the higher is the money invested by you in a casino, the more loyalty points you will earn. 

Making Bitcoin Casino Deposits Is Easy

Bitcoins have consistently increased in value. Therefore, it’s valuable to invest in a Bitcoin casino. 

The process to indulge is very smooth and quick. Players need to choose the option of the cashier at the Bitcoin casino, then select the Bitcoin alternative. Players will then be given the Bitcoin wallet address of the casino. Once this is done, players can transfer funds from their wallet address to the Bitcoin casino’s wallet.

Players Have Won Some Huge Bitcoin Slots Jackpots

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. The first Bitcoin slots jackpot won was equivalent to 11,000 Bitcoin in September 2013. With Bitcoin increasing in value, the value of this won amount would have been more today, but then it was equal to 1.5 million USD.

In May 2014, somebody won a Bitcoin slots jackpot worth 765 Bitcoin. This amount was equal to 0.55 million USD at that time. In Feb 2016, another player of Bitcoins slots won an amount of 260 Bitcoin. This amount was equivalent to 2,75,000 USD. 


When you are shortlisting a casino loyalty program, it is recommended to read through the different reviews on the casino. This you help you get a very good idea about the casino and how it functions, and save you from falling prey to any online casino scam.